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How to spy or catch couples having sex :


I will do my best to give some tips on how to catch some moans , either at your home , friends home, motels or public places , also what tools you need and how to act and the most important thing is to stay safe and not get busted ! can u imagine the scandal you will have if some one catch you spying or listening to them having sex , and the worst scenario a friend or a family member catch you ! what a situation !!

Well first of all there are 2 situations to catch some sex sounds , its either by chance or planned , lets start with being lucky .
usually you get lucky in some known places like hotels , motels , chalets , cabins , camping places ext.. so when you are around these places keep your ears well prepared cause it might be your lucky day and catch some moans , if you do so stop still where you are to locate from what direction is that sound coming from , lets imagine your walking to your hotel room and suddenly you hear some sounds but your not sure if its sex sounds or just a crying baby , so first thing to do is stop still where you are , make a 360 degree look to see if you are alone there or if there is any worker , room service , or even another people heading to there room , then your second step would be checking if there is any cameras around , trust me it wont be a good idea standing in front of a hotel room wanking while security cameras are recording you , it wont be nice specially if you find your self over youtube since the security guy is an asshole though most of the cameras are fake or even no one sit watching them but why to take the risk ! so after you clear up the zone now follow the sound till you reach it , if there is a nice and safe place for you to stand and listen this would be gr8 , if you have your cell phone with you put it airplane mode , and try to record it , there is a lot of good apps for smartphone personally i use an app called QuickVoice .

Now Lets talk about a planed scenario . most planed scenarios usually is wishing to listen to people we know like family members , room mates , friends , neighbors ,visitors ext.. so lets imagine you are having a married couple as guests in your house and you want to spy on them , first of all you must make this couple so comfortable and why not adding some romance between them , like talking with them about there happy moments , how they met each other ext.. then a couple of wine glasses wont do bad , and the key part is to stay up late having fun with them , it can be in a restaurant ,party , movies , and you must always show that you are so sleepy and act like one , and try to go to bed b4 them and that you are so sleepy that you can’t open your eyes anymore , so that’s it , stay at your room until they go to bed and see how lucky you are , now if you are the guest and you want to listen to your friends sex sounds you can simply go to bed b4 them and also act like you are so sleepy , don’t forget to put your phone on airline mode , and always take a nice spot in case things went wrong , like next to a bathroom , next to a door that leads to the kitchen in case you need to give an excuse .


If you like to listen to family members , co-workers or even spy on your wife you can do it remotely ! yes remotely from any computer , tablet or your smart phone , cool right ?

What you have to do is just install a SPY APP on your target target device , usually it takes less than a minute to do the installation  process , and the cool part is that the target user will never know or notice that there is any SPY APP on the there smart phone  specially that the app stays hidden and run in stealth mode .

What this App  Do ?

First i will recommend you to use this app : Android007 ( )  price is fair and support is amazing .

  • Spy on Phone calls
  • Spy on Whatsapp or any instant messenger
  • Listen to Ambient sounds ( best option to catch moans )
  • Record Phone Calls
  • Record instant messengers calls ( Like Skype )
  • Take Remote pictures ( front and rare cam )
  • Take Remote Videos  ( front or rare cam )
  • Get GPS Locations ( best option to know if they are in a hotel/motel or lovers house )

and much more ..

Now what to do in all the sex sound files you have on your phone ?

First of all its not a good idea to keep them on your phone , maybe your phone get lost or damaged or even robbed , so the best idea is to backup them on your PC , yeah that’s an option but not for me , i prefer on saving them on a place called CLOUD SERVERS , simply you upload them to your account and can access them anytime , anyplace in the world you want to , there is a lot of cloud services , like google drive , icloud , ext… but personally i prefer dropbox ,  dont forget to share them  with us :) .

Don’t forget that if you don’t wish others to spy on you, you must do all the opposite and try to have quite sex , and the most important thing don’t let others mess with your smart phones , there is tons of apps out there that they can activate on your phone to hear whatever you do , specially those phones with android platform .