About us

Hey there ! am the founder of www.maonhub.com it all started when i was a kid and like most kids who have sexually active parents it will happen one day that weird noises will come out  from our parents room , at first all of us thought that our mommy is crying but later we discover more about life and find out that these weird noises  is actually our parents having sex !

So yes when i was a kid i started to spy on my parents and i used to know when they will get naughty specially after they insist that me and my sisters must  go to bed early or after they come home from a night out and  i stay waiting for them and act like am in  a deep sleep .

I  started to enjoy spying on any couple having sex , i used to spy on family members when i sleep at there house or  my friends parents when i  stay over , i even check-in to hotels and motels for few hours just to spy !

Few years ago i started to record  couples i listen to i even  invite my friends & family members to stay over  just to spy .


Spending time online and having friends with the same passion we decided to form a spy group , that will  dedicate  time on spying and recording moans and share them with users around the world , we also started receiving audios from fans around the world and we thought it is the time to have our own space online .

In 2014 we came first online with a  website called maon(xhiddenx)— untill 2018 we switched to moanhub.com , unfortunately one of our admins decided to sell the domain name for some Chinese bloggers who paid good money for it , but i was able to save most of the files and re-publish them with many new files over here at moanhub! also all fans who supported maon(xhiddenx) get there free life time subscription over moanhub as well .

So moanhub is a place where we share real moans recorded behind the closed doors where at least one or none  of the couples have  idea what is going on  and every file have a story behind it . We will make sure that no fake stories or moans are submitted .

English : Most of our fans are from South America and the files or stories sent are in Spanish, so i have to translate most of them to English! Iam from Asia so English is my second language so don’t be amazed from the perfect English found here 🙂 but off course it is totally understandable


UPDATE  01/06/2021 : we will launch  an exclusive  HIDDEN VIDEOS  only available for our life time members , the videos have the same concept and rules of our famous audios * REAL & AT LEAST 1 of the couple have no idea about the recording* to keep the video quality and concept 100% real  .


You can become a LIFE TIME MEMBER by Clicking Here


You can also send us  your files but you must follow these rules :


  1.  Moans must be 100% real and not fake or staged
  2.  Moans must be taken without the knowledge of at least one partner ( This way natural moans can be captured )
  3.  The Story behind every file must be also submitted ( when, where and whom , and if possible to describe or take pictures or videos of the couples [ NO FACES ]  )

Follow the rules and you will be more than welcome .

That is our story , let us know yours 🙂