Who is Angelina

Let me tell you about Angelina. You will see a lot of her audios and videos on this site .

I met Angelina back in 2017 , she is a flight attendant  of a local airline in the city where I used to live , just a quick information about me, I have a fetish for female flight attendant and for pantyhose/stockings/feet for any woman that were or use them  ( I also have an instagram page for this fetish —) @hosegram ) .

So one day during a business trip to the capital I saw Angelina standing at the airplane galley welcoming all passengers. The moment I looked to her i fell in love with her charm and beauty , and off course with her legs/pantyhose/heels 🙂 .

During the flight I started flirting with her ,she made it clear to me that she is married and have a daughter but at the same time she was flirting back ! I was able to exchange numbers with her after a small talk about business and telling  her that I have good contacts with major international airlines if she is interested .

Few days later I found her on instagram , till then we never talked or texted after the flight , so I decided to send a hi and a like on one of her photos , then texted her on WhatsApp that its me if she still remember, 3 or 4 days later she reply yes .

I kept liking her instagram pictures, sending hearts on her instagram stories and writing to her from time to time but she never replied back . this went for few months  and one day I decided to open an instagram page just for flight attendants uniforms, legs,heels ext.. ( reached 50k follower but instagram closed it later one day I texted her for that account and  asked her if she want to make some money by just sending pictures of her feet and legs in pantyhose , totally discreet no face images , I also added that it was me and this is my new account, few days/weeks passed until she reply  ( how much you pay for the pictures ) I replied  to her with the amount and she only replied ( ok , I will send by the end of the week ) I replied back ( let them be hot , so we get more fans ) . On the weekend she sent me 20 pictures of her wearing pantyhose , during work and after work ! I was so damn excited to see them , I felt that these pictures are special since I know her in person and also knowing she started at least trusting me, later that day I sent her money to her PayPal . you can check the pictures that she sent me here —) CLICK HERE


She started sending me pictures every week , she was making some extra money and I was building an interesting instagram page , she also told some of her trusted colleagues about my page and they also started sending me pictures and getting some money in return , off course I was not making any money but I was enjoying that .

One day I sent her a message asking if she would like to double the amount and get more money , she replied how ? I answered : its simple I want you to send an audio while having S** with your hubby, he must not know about it , just record and send and I will pay you XX amount of money , she agreed without any doubts , back then this site did not exist but the idea started from there .

She started sending me the audios every week or 10 days ( some of them are posted here, the others will be available in the VIP area soon ) . We started to take things more further , she started to send me stories with the audios and off-course started sending her more money to keep her motivated . 

One day I asked her the famous question again , Do you want to double the money ? and off course her answer was how ? I asked her if she have any affairs  out side marriage , and her answer was yes !  I asked her to do the same send an audio with the story , and few days later she did send it and things began to be more interesting and exciting , you can find this Audio and story – HERE – .


After few audios from different lover and adventure I finally took things to the extreme and offered her a good amount of money for a VIDEO with her husband , off course she accepted and she started sending me under one condition that I edit the videos and hide faces before posting anywhere , we made a deal and she started sending me videos since then . ( Videos will be posted in the VIP AREA ) 

She also sent videos with her lovers ( several lovers ) all will be posted in the VIP area .Since 2017 till today we are in contact , she send me videos from time to time but we never met again in real life since that lucky flight, and most probably we will never meet again, I moved to another country , she moved to another airline and life goes on and more contents of her will be added soon .