File Sharing


How can i send my files and story?

You can upload your file to any cloud service and send us the link, we recommend Dropbox or WeTransfer make sure to send us the download link, for the story you can include it inside the email– info|a|


Can i send Pictures & Videos?

Sure! more details more fun, just make sure to hide faces or identity unless you are authorized to public such information.


What should the story be about?

We want everything to be real, the story behind the files must be about the situation and how did you catch or record the sounds, if you know anything about the couples you must add it as well, for example ( cheating wife ) or (room mate ) or ( coworker ) ext.. in case you saw the couple it will be nice if you describe them and what they are wearing for example.


Are the stories here real?

This is one of the most common questions i get, i totally confirm that all files or stories posted here are real i receive hundreds of requests to post files & stories but only few make it threw, i make sure to have all proves that the files sent to me is real, and most of the time i ask for different pictures or voice notes ( which i can not post ) just to be sure about the authenticity of the contents.


Do you update MOANHUB everyday?

No i do not i receive hundreds of files every month, but i have a real job and a real life, i do my best to upload 1 , 2 or 3 files per week some times more.


Why the english here is not so good?

English is my second language , most stories i receive are in different languages so i have to translate them by my self , but do not worry you will understand 🙂


How can i contact MOANHUB?

Send us an email to — info|a|