Young Couples in Paris

This Audio was sent to us for a young couple in Paris , the sender did not add so much info but we have to admit  they were enjoying their time to the maximum .

The Story :

I had a layover in Paris , I checked in to a hotel next to the airport . I picked up the hotel shuttle from the airport with other passengers , among them a young hot couple .

When we arrived to the hotel our rooms were on the same floor , but I never imagined that I will be lucky enough to hear them having sex .


Few hours after checkin I went to pick some ice , I passed next to there room , I was curious enough to stop for few seconds in-front  of there door to check on them , I heard some soft moans , then I released that I was in the right place at the right time .

The hotel is full of security cameras so I couldn’t stay standing there for a long time.I managed to keep my cell phone recording putting it on the floor next to their door without calling a lot of attention . 

Enjoy this audio specially part 2 , some loud and hot moans included 🙂 .



Part 1 :

Download Part 1 :

Part 2 :

Download Part 2 :