| V + A | My Cousin and his wife

The Story :

We were at a family wedding , the wedding is in another city so most of the guests stayed in the same hotel including us and all of my cousins .

One of my cousins was recently married almost 6 months  from a very hot and sexy woman , she is really hot and with no doubts she took the attention of everyone on that wedding with her sexy short dress with her shiny pantyhose and colorful hig heels ! all what I was imagining all the time how my lucky cousin will take off her sexy dress and make her c*m that night !


It was almost 2 a.m when they decided to leave the wedding and head to there room , I was waiting for this moment since I was pretty sure they will have some wild sex after part and it will be my only chance to follow and listen to them behind the closed doors , I will never have a chance specially that I live in another city and we are not that close to be invited to stay at there house anytime soon .


When they were leaving the party heading up to there room I followed them as if am heading to the toilets , I recorded a short video of my cousin wife while she was going up the stairs just for you guys have a small idea how hot she is .


15 mins after they left I went up to there room corridor and I was fortunate enough to enjoy the moans  of this gorgeous woman .Am glad I can share it with you .



Audio :


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Note: the video is short since it was recorded while they were going up the stairs , this video I also shared it on another ( legs/pantyhose ) fetish website , that is why it have the watermark .