Lebanese Parents

This Audio was sent from Lebanon .


My parents came late from a wedding , I woke up the moment they opened the door , with my mom walking in heels around 3 am I think all the neighbors woke up as well ( lol ) .

I tried to go back to sleep but  couldn’t , this is not the first time I listen to them  but it is the first time I record them  , to be honest listening to my parents having sex is not something that I wish for , but our apartment walls are not that sound proof .


usually they do not moan loud , most of the time heavy breathing and some soft moans from mom, this time in the last minute before both cuming I guess they forgot that me and my 12 years old brother share the apartment with them ! they went so loud and this is the part that am sharing with you here .

My parents are in there late 40’s , my dad is doctor and my mom is a lawyer , both good looking .

some translations of what my mom was saying :

Starting the Audio till 00:20 * Yes my love *, 00:24 * She is telling my dad that he came inside her*