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A new fan sent us this : 

My wife is 46 and I’m 55  years old , we have been married for 25 years its good to mention that now we are grandparents . My wife  is so active sexually she even have a drawer only for her sex toys . our sex life got some how cold for the past 5 or 6 years , she always ask more than I can give and for that past 2 years I had some health issues and had to take some medications which also affected my sexual life , am still active but weeks pass for us to have sex or maybe once or twice a month , this explains why she have these sex toys .. we are still in Love with each other and have a healthy relation and a happy family .

off course am not stupid or at least my experience in life and knowing my wife very well I was pretty sure that she sleeps with other people but she never admitted that although we talked about it several times and I still asks her if she cheats on me but off course and for obvious reasons she deny and get mad from my questions .

My wife works for a very known company for 12 years now , she also have a good position , good salary and off course good sex ! am not sure if she sleeps with several guys at work or if she have only 1 guy or maybe a lover , all what I know is that she get F** at work or from some one at work .

Few months ago she went on a business trip , I was able to install on her phone a sleeping app, she bought a smart watch and she wanted to monitor her health/Gym/calories and also her sleep . so I installed from google play a sleeping app that monitors her sleeping routine and record anything during sleeping hours .


The app description from the developer :

About this app

Do you know how your sleep is every night?
SLEEP TRACKER is your personal sleep cycles monitor, snore recorder, and sleep sounds provider. With it, you can find whatever you wish to know about your sleep patterns, check out your snoring and dream talks, and customize the smart alarm to relieve sleep issues and aid your sleep. Why hesitate? It’s time to click download to improve your sleep quality and embrace a healthier life.
The only thing she does not know is that this app also upload data to the cloud and off course I created that account so I have access. When she went to this 4 days business trip I asked her to keep her cell phone next to her at night for emergencies and off-course she agreed and she have no idea that the app will be my ears in her hotel room next to her bed  .
I have never caught or confirmed 100% that my wife is cheating on me before installing the sleeping app , and during this business trip and on the second night of this trip the app  uploaded this recording among of other recordings  ( snoring, farting, some sleeping noises ext…)   my wife was moaning from pleasure ! off course she was getting F—d , till today I don’t know with whom !  a colleague or a random guy she met during the trip ,I guess I will never know since she will never talk bout it . Unfortunately this app only get activated during the scheduled sleeping hours so am not sure if this was the only sex she had on that trip .
So far this is the only catch I have, as mentioned the app only records during sleeping hours , and since that business trip she never slept out, but as I already mentioned she is having affairs and off course she did after she came back from that business trip .
Am planing to install another app to monitor her 24 hours ( recording,GPS, Sms ext,, ) my current option is Android007  but the big issue  is that I need access to her phone to install this app , and am not having the chance to do it . am still hoping to able to and am also searching for an app that does not need any physical access but I guess these kind of apps does not exist at least for normal users not government .
For those who are wondering how I feel , well I can not say am happy about knowing that my wife is cheating on me, but there is something about this that makes me some how excited, actually after I got this recording our sex life got better and am being able to be more sexually active specially after I listen  to the audio or after I imagine what is going on and how my wife is getting f–d by other people . I just hope one day she tell me about everything and do this together , and about the audio am not planing to confront her anytime soon for several reasons , the main reason is her reaction after she know I was spying on her , or even loose her after all of these years together , who knows maybe after she know that I know there will  be no reason for her to stay with me . Anyways for now am enjoying what’s going on and am hoping to get an upgrade and be able to spy more and get more .



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