Drunk Sister

This file was sent to us under this title : F**g with my Drunk Sister  .


We received this file few months ago but we did not post it until we asked for some confirmation if it is a legit audio ( Brother/Sister ) or if it is a misleading title .


We asked for some additional information to confirm ( like more audio files of the girl in the audio ( sister)  to compare it with the moan file sent to us , also some different family pictures , Docs which obviously we can not repost here , as a conclusion we decided   to publish it as we think its  legit  , but we can not confirm it 100% , just enjoy it and use your imagination  .


The story that was sent with the file  :

My sister and I live in the city ( we are from Colombia ) we live alone since our family live 5 hours away from the city and due to our work and studies we had to move . My sister and I have a very open relation, we share a lot of things together , even our sexual life  . We never involved sexually with each other but we talk about our sex life , and I usually bring my girlfriend or dates to our apartment while my sister is in the next room and in some occasions we even watch Netflix together with our dates, have lunch, dinner ext.. She have a boyfriend as well as some secrete dates which I know about and she even brings them to our apartment , in other words we have sex in the same apartment , and not just normal sex , we have loud sex , we hear each other having sex threw the thin walls . That night we were in a party with some friends she left earlier with her boyfriend , they went to another place to meet another friends, I arrived home around 3 a.m she arrived around 5 a.m she was totally drunk and went directly to bed . She arrived alone and this is weird , usually after such parties she come back with her bf and f**k all night, but it seems they did it some where else , I was also some how drunk and Horney so I decide to do this crazy thing and record it for future pleasure .


I entered her room and started touching her , the first thing she said ” what are you doing Eric you are my brother , No , No ”  , I started touching her breasts and pxxx she became Horney and all what she said ” No , No with soft moanings ” for sure  she was enjoying it and even  more homey than me , i started fingering her until she asked me to continue and f** her .  Everything went so fast  and it was amazing … Sadly my phone run out of battery at the middle of the action ! I wasn’t prepared for that recording and for sure for that night .

We never did it again , we only talked about it once and we laughed that  both of us were drunk and no one remembers anything, off-course I will never forget .