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A very special volume, because it is the only attempt we know of to depict sexual intimacy between older people with skill, sensitivity – and loving humour. Whoever ‘The artist’ is or was, these delightful paintings prove that the need for closeness, touch – and sexual experimentation – don’t stop when our bodies lose the conventional, and usually unachievable, contours of youth.

Were these the only paintings made by this artist? Surely not. It would be fascinating to know the identity of the real ‘MB’. The older woman who is the main subject of most of the paintings is clearly enjoying herself; it makes us wonder if the artist was perhaps a woman. 

Whoever they are are by, they are an inspiration for us all!

This wonderful 35-part series is one of the rare times that erotic art explores a mature woman’s sexuality.

These rare fotos are from 1963 Some says they are inspired by a family *incest*



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