Mom and my friend

This was sent to us : 

Some information:

My mom is 49 and divorced, my dad left 8 years ago when I was 11. She’s a very attractive women and has an amazing body. No wrinkles or anything. I’m 22 and my friend is still 19.Very handsome, muscular and about 6“3’ while I’m 6“.

My friend and I are into fitness and because of Covid we have to exercise at my place. The basement of our home is like a little gym and we are the only persons that use it and workout mostly without a shirt. The only reason to go upstairs is to get water and go to the toilet. We workout Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.



My friend would sometimes joke about my mom being a milf but I realized he wasn’t joking once we started working out at my place. He would compliment her or her body, look at her and smile, sometimes hug her when he came or tell her to workout with us. It didn’t bother me but I still thought about it.

While we were working out my mom would come and just talk with us. I caught her stare at my friends body and sometimes smile at him too. I don’t know why but it got me super excited. My friend was always volunteering to fill up our water bottles and went upstairs. He always took like 2-3 minutes and after a few weeks he took longer and longer up to 10 minutes. He said he had to pee and I didn’t think about it.

I started to get more suspicious about them , so every time he tells me he is going up I follow without him knowing that and check what he ( or they ) are doing , well most of the time my mom joins him and they flirt but nothing more than that, but am sure this will lead to many things if it does not stop. One day when he went up and instead of following him I went to his phone since he left it open running some music on Spotify and it was not locked , went to his whatsapp I found nothing ! but when I checked his Telegram my heart went 1000/minute  I found ( myname_MOM ) chat  over there , when I opened it it was almost empty since he set to auto delete every 60 mins , but I read the last message she sent him ( come up here ill be in the kitchen ,  can’t wait to touch it, hope its hard like the pic you sent me last night  ), I almost dropped the phone from my hand and went running up stairs , they didn’t notice am there but my mom was so close to him but I guess I arrived late, when I arrived He told her he had to go downstairs so I got back to working out with a huge boner while he pretended like nothing happened. I came so hard that night but felt so ashamed of myself after that.



Today he came over again and this time I said I had to go somewhere and it is important. I said he could stay and workout because I would be back in like 2 or 3  hours. He went downstairs and I went to my Car and drove off but parked like a few hundred meters away. I got back to the house from the backdoor ( no one noticed ) . They were already on the couch and my mom gave him a blowjob. I was shocked but excited and started jerking off. His dick was huge, maybe like 23-25cm while I only have 16cm.

This went on for 10 minutes until he started eating her out. I could hear her moan and it only made me harder. It looked like she came just after two minutes or less. Then he got up and put his d**k inside of her. Without a condom. At this point I came so hard but I had nothing to clean it with so I just came in my pants and continued to watch them fu*k for like 30 minutes until he came all over her tits. They quickly got dressed and my friend went downstairs while my mom sat on the couch cleaning her cleavage.

I was so excited that I forgot to record , but I was able to catch the last few moments from my phone ( sorry for the bad quality )

I came back and my mom said hi and kissed my cheek like usual. I loved that kiss after she sucked his d**k , on Monday I told my friend that he is killing It ( TRAINING ! ) . He laughed and said that he’s a beast. He didn’t lie.

Am still jerking till today on this audio and what I saw , am not sure if they are meeting outside but at home I think it was the only time . Should I help them do more? Like tell him he could come over even when I’m not home? Or tell him I know? I wouldn’t mind them fu**ing or dating while I’m there.

Hope you enjoy like I  enjoyed my Mom and my Friend