Wife in the next room

This audio is sent from a lucky hubby :


My wife and I agree we can have adventures but the other should Know , this time she did not tell me , I did discover and here is the story .


We have been married for 20+ years , we have a very happy marriage and the main reason to that is our adventures and our open sex life . Few years after marriage our sex life came to a routine and some times we did it once or twice per month , so we decided to make things hotter so we began telling each others stories about our sex life with other people before marriage, this really turned us on and our sex life started to get better. We came to a point that no more stories to tell, we knew everything about each other so we started to fantasize about other people and our sex life became even better .

One day I came up with the idea to meet other couple or even a 3some  , she did not take it serious at first but during sex when we talk about it she get really excited ,  after several conversations we decided to meet some couples we met online , and our swinger life started .

few years as swingers we decided to go a bit further and meet people alone and then tell the other about it , this went wilde and our sex life and life in general as a couple became amazing , our open relation made our sex life as never before .

My wife had several boy friends , actually she played more than I did , its  much easier for her to catch men ! but off course I knew all about her encounters , the rules was simple :

1- Take permission before any encounter

2- Use condoms / Never get Drunk

3- After the date we tell details

4- try not to have a long relation with anyone

5- we use our bed or home in general to share with other couple or 3 somes only , solo meetings in motels/hotels/car ext..



From time to time friends stayed at our home , this is normal we do not F*** with all our friends and if we do as rule number 5 says : 3somes only at home .

one night a friend of mine stayed at our place after a family party , we all went to bed after few drinks . later that night I woke up and did not find her next to me, I also heard some moans coming from our guest room ! I went to check what’s going on , the guest room door was closed but for sure I heard my wife moans so loud ! off course I did not get mad actually this turned me on even more because it was never planned , I could not join or make them notice that am there, the dude is a close friend of mine and have no idea about our open relation , I was able to record some of her moans getting f** by my friend .

She came back to bed almost 5 am in the morning , she thought am still sleeping .

The next daythe 3 of us had breakfast together as something never happened , my friend left later that day , and as soon as he left I took my wife to bed and fu*** as never before !

She only told me about it 3 days after , and she was not surprised when I told her that I was at the door all the time listening to them , she just asked me why I didn’t tell her before and waited for her to talk about it first  , and off course my answer was : that made me even more Horney .

Anyways she apologized for breaking rule #5

That night  she told my friend  that am passed out and not even an atomic bomb can wake me up .


My friend now knows about our open marriage , and he is one of my wife boyfriends when he is in town .