Beautiful married officemate

This story was sent from Paraguay , on a business trip an office mate recorded his cheating mates , this is what happened : 


We are a small marketing company around 20 office worker , I’ve been working with this company almost half my professional life ( 10+years ) am one of the oldest employees, am friends with every one , during all this time at this company I saw many employees come and go , some are missed other are not . 4 years ago Adriana  a beautiful married lady in her late 30’s  joined our team , she is so professional and respected at work , few months after she started work at the company Bruno started work , he is married good looking man in his late 40’s .

few month after Bruno started work I noticed some strange things going on between him and Adriana , which took my attention the most was one day after work Adriana’s car was still in the parking while everyone left even Bruno, I thought back then that she left the car parked while she went to buy something near by . few weeks later  I was arriving to the company after a meeting it was almost 12pm I saw Brunos car parked two blocks away from the company , few meters ahead Adriana was walking towards the car and with my rear windows I saw her getting into Brunos car . they didn’t notice that it was my Honda HRV that just passed them , at this moment I understood what is going on ! Bruno and Adriana are having an affair ! 

I kept noticing there weird behavior at work for few months but I couldn’t catch them or prove that they are having an affair, since both of them are married they were so discreet and aware that no one should know about them .

one day our manager choose 5 team members to attend an Expo in another city , a 3 days working trip , and guess who was going to this Expo  ! Yes me , Bruno , Adriana and 2 other colleagues ( male and female both single ) , I was pretty sure that this time I will be lucky enough to confirm all my doubts and catch them in the act !


We arrived to our hotel , and every one checked in to a small hotel and our rooms were some how next to each other , only Bruno’s room was on the second floor while ours was on the third floor .

The first  night nothing happened (( maybe something did happen but they were so good that I couldn’t notice )) since Adriana’s room was next to mine I kept my eyes and ears to check if they will meet but I guess they didn’t, maybe every one was tiered that night . The second night after all of us had some drinks and went to our rooms I heard  Adriana’s door close and few seconds later I heard the elevator door open! Adriana was heading to Bruno’s room ! Bingo !!! 



I followed her and heard them talking and laughing and few minutes later the action begins  , it was not easy for me to spy on them, the hotel is small and all rooms are next to each other , the room service and house keeping  are active , cameras every where ( but am pretty sure no one was  watching  ) I was able to record most of there sex , the quality is not so good since I was acting like I was standing there talking on my phone !

for sure Bruno is lucky to have an affair with such a beautiful and hot woman like Adriana , she even cries from pleasure ! it seems they are not only having an affair it seems they are in love, she kept telling him * Te amo * ( I love you )

it was a great experience to spy on my office mates having an affair , I came twice that night and kept masturbating on this audio for several weeks and till today it keeps turning me on ! couldn’t catch them any more but off course I always noticed when both of them disappears on lunch break most of the Time .

Both of them are still working with us , and till today they never imaging that once I spied on them cheating !

Hope you enjoy this, if I will be lucky again for sure I will share .