| V + A | Lady in Hijab

This Audio was sent to me from Lebanon , The fan who sent me the audio sent a short story and a short video which am sharing with you :



He was going to his hotel room when he met a couple in the elevator of a hotel in Hazmieh (Lebanon) , Luckily he was hosted in the same floor with this couple , few minutes later he started to hear moans , he went to the door and got this short Audio , he recorded almost 10 mins but couldn’t get more because of the security cameras , he also added that the woman have a sexy body and her head was covered with Hijab and she was wearing a blue jeans , black stockings, black heals , and a red and pink blouse , while her partner was wearing a t-shirt blue jeans and black shoes. She cuts around min 9:45 enjoy the audio from Lebanon .

Video of the couple entering the elevator :


The Audio :