| P + A | My roommate with a girl from gym

This Audio sent from Colombia is really hot . It was sent from Diego recording his room mate and the hot girl from the GYM , he also sent us some hot pictures of the GYM GIRL from here social networks pages .

This is what Diego sent us :

My room mate and I go to the gym together almost everyday for at least 2 hours , we have been going to the same gym for the past 3 years , a lot of hot girls also attend this gym, and in many occasion my room mate and I were lucky enough to F***k several girls we met over there , from all ages, married and singles , most of the time it was only one night stand nothing serious just for fun .

My room mate was hitting on a hot girl for the past few days until finally he took her number , they stayed flirting and dirty talk for a couple of days, last week while we were training my room mate came to me and told me he is leaving early and going out with the same hot girl that he have his eyes on . Our apartment is 10 mins from the gym .

They left and I kept training for an extra hour .


I took a bath and left , when I reached the apartment I noticed that the door is double locked, this is our sign that one of us is having S–x , I thought they are done but I was wrong. it was almost 8 pm and I have nothing todo or go , I was really tired so I decided to go in and go to my room , but I was lucky enough to catch the final moments of them fu***g , so I recorded and decided to share this with you , also I have attached a couple of her pictures I took from here instagram account .