A Cheating Girlfriend

This Audio was sent from Spain , the sender mentioned that it was recorded back in 2019 , he always suspected that his girlfriend is cheating on him  so he installed on her Android phone a spy app which can record video and audio , log Gps , call logs , even environment listening where he call the number and it will auto pick up the call in a stealth mode and  he can listen what is going on directly from his  computer.


One day his girlfriend  said she is going 3 days out with the her friends to the beach , so he used his remote spy program to track her , and from the call logs he noticed that most of the calls are from the same number . He added this number to his phone and checked WhatsApp profile pic and the number belongs to a guy that he  knows  and it seems he is having an affair with his girlfriend .He stayed listening and spying to all there movements until they reached the bed room , by the stealth mode feature he recorded all the sex sessions they had and he sent us one of them .

Hope you enjoy these moans from spain