Flight Attendant with the Captain

This Audio was sent to me from a Fan who live in Miami , He works in a 5 stars Hotel next to the airport , there  some airline companies that have contract with the hotel so there crew stay over there , this audio is taken after he spotted that the LAN AIRLINES crew have arrived , around 5 air hostess and 3 pilots , there rooms were divided in to 2 floors , the 3 pilots have 2 bed rooms in the 8th floor and the 5 air hostess have 3 rooms in the 2nd floor, usually every 2 crew members share one room , * Females only rooms / Males only rooms * So our Fan and by chance he noticed that a flight attendant after around 1 hour from check in was in the 8th floor entering one of the pilots room , so he kept checking  that floor until he caught them having sex , and the results was hot and loud moans.

Unfortunately he was not able to take any picture of them during check-in or check-out