This is one of the most hot moans we ever received from Lebanon and what makes it even better is the video which give us an idea how hot this girl is , the sender sent us the story behind this sexy moans and its exactly as follows.

I was with my girl friend in that hotel ( some where in Lebanon ) , after we finished making love my girl friend told me that  she forgot her phone charger in the car,  so i went down the parking to pick it up  for her.

On my way back  i noticed a new Mercedes arriving but inside it there was a very hot girl , so i run to the elevator and waited till she come in ( acted like am waiting for the elevator after I sent it up to the last floor ) , when she entered it seems her lover was calling to see why she is late , as you notice in the video she was talking on the phone when she enters , well i acted like the stupid guy and turned on my spy cam and went in the elevator with her to see what floor and room number she is staying .

Her lover was already waiting inside the room , after she entered i went to the door room and looked from the keyhole unfortunately that specific room the bed is not on the perfect angle but at least i saw her taking off her cloths .She took off her jacket then her bra ( not big boobs ) her boots , her pants and her Black Stockings , she stayed only in her fishnet underwear , and it seems they were not in a hurry because they started chatting , so i went back to my room where my girlfriend was waiting , waited for few minutes then made another excuse ( smoking a cigarette and getting some drinks since the room mini bar prices are crazy )  and went back to that room  , and lucky me the moans started , she have such a sexy voice and she was telling him ( my legs , my legs are hurting ) it seems he had them wide open , then she tells him ( iam cumming i will cum ) , that was amazing ! trust me i enjoyed it more than i enjoyed having sex with my girl friend !