Making love with Mother-in-law


Yeah this is some how weird and rare but actually it really happened in COLOMBIA , this audio was sent to me from the guy who is actually making love with his Mother-in-law , after some investigations he sent me some pictures of the family and a short video ( normal one from a birthday party ) to confirm that his story is true , and yes its true ,so here what is behind the Audio .

I will traduce it from spanish to english so you can know whats going on .


The guy have his mother-in-law to stay over his house since he and his wife have jobs so his mother-in-law can take care of the kids , he have been married with her daughter for 15 years and in a sexual relation with his mother-in-law for the last 5 years , so this audio take place on his day off ( usually the best day for them to have sex since they are home alone, kids are in school and wife at work)  While recording her told me  that she was in a doggy style position and he have his laptop on his bed facing his Suegra * mother-in-law in spanish * watching a sexual video for him and his wife ( her daughter ) so while having sex with his mother-in-law you can hear him asking her ( te gusto suegra ) in english ( do you like it mother-in-law ) and she answers YES , then he ask her do you like me fu__ing you and again she answer YES , then he ask her to look at the video on the laptop him fuxx her daughter * his wife * telling her to look how he is f*** her and ask : do you like the video me f__king your daughter and again she answer YES  ! well yeah we can say he is lucky not anyone can have sex with the daughter and her mom !

Enjoy this moans from the SUEGRA in Colombia ….