Cheating secretary with hubby

If you are following the series ( spying on a cheating secretary ) then you will enjoy this audio ! the same secretary but this time with hubby !

As you know from the spying on a cheating secretary series I installed a spy app on my secretary mobile device to investigate some issues at work , so I was able to catch her twice cheating ( before I fired her ) and I was lucky enough to catch her even having sex with her husband one late night .

I do not remember the main reason the made me set up the ambient recording to automatically record during midnight when she is already at her home , maybe I heard at the company that her hubby is home from a trip or something like that, but the results was amazing ! she got caught moaning with her hubby  ! but it was so obvious that she enjoyed fuxxx her lover more than fxxx her husband, you can also compare the audio and confirm if am right or not ! 


So the audio started by hubby flirting  with her , she was a bit rude as if she does not, then she started to drink some water and he started bothering her again and she was even more rude . He asked her he wanted to suck her ! she told him no , around 4 min she started to be more kind to him . He insisted to suck her ! she kept pushing him back until finally she agreed around min 10 .


Since the audio is in Portuguese Here are some translations of the events inside the audio : 

  • 09:00 min she is tell him to finger her softly  ( it seems she teaches him how to do things. Maybe this is the main reason she cheats on him )
  • 10:00  the weather is cold , she ask him to be gentle not hard on her puxxxy
  • 11:00  he start licking her and ask her to shut her mouth and enjoy
  • 14:00 soft moans she start enjoying oral sex
  • 15:00 she cums  subbing licking and fingering
  • 16:00 he wants to continue but she tells him she is sensitive because she just came . she agrees but ask him again to be gentle
  • 17:00 she softly moans and still tell him to be soft while licking
  • 18:00 the weather is cold , he asks her to shut up , she replies don’t be rude
  • 24:00 He goes above her, and start doing her
  • 25:00 both moans  and some slapping
  • 25:40 she asks him to go slowly on her
  • 26:00 He fxxs her and put his finger in her A$$
  • 27:45 She asks him to remove his finger from her A$$
  • 29:00 gets hotted and ask him to do her more
  • 31:00 loud moans
  • 31:20 she cums again
  • 31:50 she asks him not to cum inside her
  • 36:00 she cums for the 3rd time
  • 36:12 she asks him to cum outside but he tells her no
  • 36.30 he cums inside her
  • 37:00 she asks why he came inside her !


As you will notice she enjoyed it at the end but no doubts she enjoys it more with her lover .



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