| P + A | : Mother & Son pics inside

To make the story short , they are my neighbors  and at the same time my relatives ( He is the cousin of my father )  .

His Dad passed away when he was 15 , they were very rich and his father left all the money for him and since he was underage the one responsible of him and his money is his uncle until he reach at least 18 years old . At the moment I recorded the audio ( almost 2 years ago ) he was in his 30s and his mom in her late 40s .

Since he was a kid he was a bit aggressive , he left school at an early age  and when he reached the legal age he spent all the money his dad left and never had a real job .

he was aggressive  to his mom and some rummers in the family said that he used to hit her and treat her bad but at the end she was his mom and she loved and protected him and even she denied every thing bad said about him , she was supportive to everything he does even going out with bad friends who all they did is stealing and using all his money .



They used to live in a big home but same as his money he lost it and moved to live in an apartment in the same building I  live in and it happens to be his room is exactly above my room .

I  was convinced about how bad he treats his mother but I never imagined that he sleeps with her ,  everything started to play in my head when I used to hear some bed movements ( bed sounds ) above me , I thought he is bringing his girlfriends home ! but later I notice there is no one other than him and his mother .

Also rummers went around that one of his friends ( late 30s  ) is having an affair with his mother and he knew about it ,  I personaly  believe it was true since I saw this friend of him staying alone with his mother for hours .

Noises from his bed never stopped , every week once or twice , sometimes even after midnight so I  decided to investigate further .

Since I have the keys of there apartment ( his mom left it with us in case of an emergency or in case they are traveling ) I planted a usb recorder in his room some where hidden .

I wasn’t so lucky for weeks , the battery dies then I have to wait till they are out of the apartment to get it , recharge it then wait again and put it back ext..

it took some hard work  to catch only 1 audio , later I gave up since they do not go out a lot and I got so busy until they moved out of this apartment, his mom is now living with his older  sister and I personally do not know anything about him now , only some few pics he posts on Facebook .


Am sharing this audio with you including a couple of pictures from his Facebook account .


hope you enjoy !