| MS | My cheating wife 3/3

This story is sent from a husband that decided to share the story and audios of his cheating wife . The original story was sent in Spanish and most of it traduced by google . Part 1 is found here &  Part 2  here


This is the final part , it was on her birthday , and on this day I confronted her and we divorced  few months later .

Am including a small bonus on this audio  🙂 some pics of her ! 



I was doing my best to save this marriage since we have a kid but never expected that on her birthday while I was at home getting ready with my kid to celebrate her birthday  she went with her lover to a motel and get fxxx. 

you will notice at the end of this audio that I tried to call her several times , off course I was listening to every thing all the time , the last sms I sent her and asked to come urgently to home since I know where she is , she read the message continued riding him until both came and left home .

When she arrived home I confronted her will all the audios/calls/sms I have ,  we separated after that and got a divorce , I also confronted the neighbors wife but unfortunately she forgave him and never separated .


in this audio you will hear some slapping at the begging and soft moans , then at the end after I sent her the message to come home it seems she took her phone with her to bed and a very clear moans while she was riding will be heard .




And here you go some bonus pics during our marriage :