|MS|spying on a cheating secretary 2

This is a series of 2 different dates and locations . part 1 click here

This is the second time I catch her with her lover , it was the day I have fired her ! a lot of events happened since the first audio and this one , she kept talking bad about me and the company , I tried all my best to leave her working and to stay spying on her cheating on her hubby but I reached the limits with her so one day I called her to my office and fired her ! she was not expecting that , it was  Friday , she left work and texted her lover that she felt bad and she wants to see him .

they met in the car as usual parked somewhere and she started telling him even more lies and why she was fired ,  she kept crying until he started kissing her and the fun begins , unfortunately she was  ( sicktime) so she only gave a blowjob .


After this audio I kept spying on her for sometime but she never saw him again at least until I disconnected the spy app from her device since I was paying a monthly subscription and at the end I felt its not worth it anymore .


I edited the audio to remove there personal talks * privacy issues specially they say some names * and I will translate the hot parts

  • First minutes of the audio some kissing and soft moans
  • 3:40 he seems to put out his d*** and she started sucking him
  • 05:30 he wanted to lick and f*** her , he calls her his dog, his b*** ext..
  • 07:23 seems he started slapping her face and she asks him to do
  • 08:00 he kept slapping her face and calling her his dog
  • 10:00 Goes what ! his son calls , he is married as well
  • 13:00 he moans loud , and cums