Mom and a new boyfriend

I [18M] live with my mum [44F]. She divorced my dad [50F] about 18 months ago. After about 6 months she started going on a few dates here and there, nothing serious and never made it past a couple of dates for whatever reason. That is until about 5 months ago when she met her now boyfriend [M36].

He’s a sound guy; mum really likes him, he’s always cool with me and he takes good care of her. She’s really happy and I’m happy for her.

He comes to stay pretty much every weekend, normally staying Friday night to Monday morning, and I get to hear exactly how happy he makes her most nights he’s here.

We had to downsize house-wise after my parents’ divorce, and my bedroom is very close to hers, and the walls aren’t to too thick. I hear pretty much everything, and boy is there a lot to hear. They go at it for hours at a time usually.

I’m moving out in June so it won’t be something I live with for long anyway.

(I will attempt to record some audio when the opportunity arises)