| MS | My cheating wife 2/3

This story is sent from a husband that decided to share the story and audios of his cheating wife . The original story was sent in Spanish and most of it traduced by google . Part 1 is found here  Part 3  here



So you already know how it all started from part 1 , so now lets go for the second time I caught them in the motel .


Again after work she met him in a mall parking where she left her car and went with him to a near by Motel , the audio I captured is more than 90 mins but I have edit it since most of it nothing was clear enough since she left her phone away from the bed , also some background sounds did not help to capture a good  one , but still some moans are heard, in some part of the audio you will  hear some slapping ! the guy love to slap her A$$ .


Note : after min 03:47 is Round 2 ! the phone was moved to another place maybe next to the A/C . If any one know how to make the audio clear from the background noise please leave a comment .