| MS | spying on a cheating secretary 1

This is a series of 2 different dates and locations .for  Part 2 click here


It all started when I hired Mourli  , a good looking green eyes 30th married lady . I was looking for a customer support agent in the company and I thought she is the right person for this position . I have a  small service company her job was to be the intermediate between our customers and employees , also to give all the support and solve daily work issues .

At first I liked the way she works , but after the first month of her duties some information came to my office that she is talking bad about me and the way I manage my company to other colleagues, also during our meetings I felt that she is not an honest person and she have 2 faces .

I decided to investigate her and since she is our customer support agent the company offer her a smart phone with our business number for her to use with the business WhatsApp app .

Usually she keeps this smartphone at her desk after work hours , so one day I bought one of the latest Samsung devices and told her that the company is giving  her a new smartphone for work and we have no problem if she use it for personal use as well ,  so why carry 2 devices when you can use 1  ! off course the device I gave her  have a MOBILE SPY APP that control all her smart phone ( call recording, video recording, voice recording and much more ) all remotely .

off-course she fell for it and kept the smart phone with her all the time . 



The first few few days everything was normal , but some messages from a former colleague of her took my attention but nothing serious , also a close friend of her ( female )  they share all daily life issues together , this friend also was a former colleague   .

One day she started to talk about me with her friend , she called me an A$$hol3 , a stupid boss, and also she told her that am hitting on her which is not true !  so what being said about her is all true ! this new comer is talking bad about me and about my company , this made me so confused because at work she is doing somehow a good job and in-front of me she is totally a different person , professionally I liked her and the way she do her job  but when I look at the conversations with her friends and the recorded calls  I get convinced that this woman is not 100% normal ! actually she is scary with 2 different characters . I decided firing  her but not before finding another person to take her job , during this time I had to be careful with her and avoid talking or meeting her alone at my office .



Every 2  or 3 days some hot messages exchange between her and her former colleague on how they miss each other  , they also talk about there sexual adventures while they were working together and most of the messages were sexual , some times she even tells him she is going to the bathroom to masturbate  ! checking the security cams later she really went to the bathroom after texting him .

These hot messages stayed for a week  after that they marked there first meeting while her hubby was on a short business trip, she left work went home and they started texting and planning where to meet  . They met in his car and i was able to capture everything since they planned it all via text message .


I have edited the Audio until she arrived to his car , they started kissing and a quick conversation until he started kissing her and telling her how much he miss here , * the audio is in Portuguese since this took place in Brazil  i will give you some resume about the chit chat *    1:33 she tells him that she miss him, she last saw him since 3 months *   * 2:30 some oral *   *  2:55 she ask if this is a safe road, he tells her yes this is a residence area  no one will see us *  * 3:40 he start talking dirty to her , on how he miss licking her , he never stoped thinking about her * * 4:30 she start moaning while being licked * 5:00 some chair adjustments it seems they changed there position *  05:30 she started sucking him * * 07:20 he whisper  that he want  to F## her A$$ * * 08:23 he started slapping her A$$ and call her a bitch/dog ext.. *  * 9:00 he tells her that he is crazy about her A$$ * * 9:20 the anal starts *  * 9:27 she tells him how much she miss his Dic** )  ( 10:00 he asks her to open her *** and put his D*** deep in her A$$ * * * 10:47 they open  the car door then she asks him to close it , it seems they were trying to change there position to a doggy style *  * 12:00 she starts screaming and calling him son of a bitch *  * 12:10 she moans loud and tell him CUM in my A$$, CUM in my A$$, CUM inside your DOG * * 12:42 she CUMS he CUMS *

Wait for part 2 & 3 even hotter and both of them also in the car , these are the only Audios i have since in part 3 was the day i fired her and she went to him crying 🙂 but at least it was a happy ending for me and for sure for her 🙂 .


Enjoy this Audio from Brazil