Ohh mom

We receive hundreds of files  every month, we do our best to verify them all and make sure they are 100% real and not fake. This user sent us some verifications that this audio is 100% real, he even sent us conversations recorded with his mother ( the same one in this audio ) after verification we decided to publish this file .




I have been with a sexual relation with my mom for the past 8 years . My dad lives over seas due to his work and we only see him once or twice every year . We are a small family , my Dad ( 55yrs ) my Mom ( 53yrs ) and me ( 31yrs) . Our family is so united and my parents have a great relationship . 12 years ago my Dad had to move to another country due to work , my mom did not like the idea to live away from her parents and our friends so they decide to live this way until things get better and my dad return and live with us but till then its been either us visiting him or he visiting us once or twice per year .

My relation with mom started when I was 24yrs, one day she asked me to do her a favor and not use our daily towels to clean the mess after masturbating since its hard to take them off even after washing them some marks stays  ! my face turned all red when she asked me that, I did not know what to say, then few weeks later she caught some magazines and adult videos under my bed while she was doing some home work, she did not tell me anything she just left them on my desk. The real embracement happened when once after my dad visit and staying with us for a month and a half  she confronted about her knowledge about me spying  on her and dad while having sex ! almost every time and she knows about it since am stupid enough to write that on my dairies where she had the chance to read them all since I left them at the same place where I used to hide my adult materials ! ohh also some other dirty dairies she was able to read, After that we became more open to talk about sexual life specially when we have some drinks together and she starts telling how had is living away from dad, and sometimes she think my dad is having affairs over there and she also need some attention ext… 


Our first sexual relation  was only watching each other masturbating we were both drunk, the rest is history . I would like to share with you one of our latest sex sessions since am a big fan of your site . I secretly recorded  it via my smartphone , its short but I promise I will do a complete one in the future  🙂



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