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I got this hot audio from a very big fan of moanhub , with this hot story :

She is my aunt ,  my mother twin ( same body , face and even sound ) , late 30’s married with 3 children , the oldest is 16 years old , the youngest 7 . I caught her and hubby having sex on there anniversary night. We were attending a wedding party and we all booked a room in that same hotel where the wedding was taking place, there room was on the 6th floor ( room 619 ) while my parents  and i were staying on the 3rd floor , so it was a bit hard for me to spy on them since any one will ask me what am doing on that floor , but i took the risk for you guys to enjoy ! so before the wedding came to an end my aunt and her hubby went to there room , as i mentioned it was there anniversary night so i knew what they are up to , my aunt was wearing a white skirt , pantyhose and her black heels ( check video ) it took me some time to follow them so when i was there they already started , first they did it in the Jacuzzi but i couldn’t record since her moans was interrupted by the sound of the water , then they went back to the bed where i could hear them , my aunt is not a loud moaner instead her moans are some kind of fast breathing which get hotter when she was having an orgasm , as i mentioned before she have the same voice of my mother so i didn’t know at the time if i was turned on or off ! but i did

masturbate , even the next day when all was atthe pool , i took there room card and sneaked in to there room , i wanted to masturbate on some of her underwear but due to the short time i had and before someone notice the key is missing i only found on the floor her used pantyhose from the night before , and that was my treat .