| MS | With a cheating wife 1/2

This audio was sent from Chile , traduced with google translate . The sender of this audio recorded his lover without her knowledge .


I have been dating this married woman for almost 4 years , she is married for 25 years  . We both have a very good and close relation lets say it moved from being just sex to become more like a love story . I live 10 mins from her house, we both met in a local event and we both have friends in common, from the first day we met we exchanged phone numbers and stayed texting for a couple of months then we started sexting and after 4 months from the day we met we started to have a sexual relation which developed by time .

She and her hubby are both happily married with some financial problems that cause  small fights occasionally .

I recorded her in 2 occasions , and am sharing both files here , so here is the first one : 

It was a Sunday evening , she came to my house after telling her husband she is visiting her parents, she came to me wearing a black leggings showing all her sexy body , a white top and sandals , after she arrived i started kissing her and pushing her to the wall , then i took her to my bed .



I threw her to the bed start kissing her and taking off her cloths , then she took mine off and here where i started to record the action . I can admit that she is a pro Dxxk sucker and pro a$$-licker , The first 7 mins of the audio she was licking my a$$ i even asked her if she like licking it ( te gusta chupar mi culo ) and she answers with a loud yes . We then moved to the 69 position while she was on top so both of us will  have a full access to Pu$$/dxxk and a$$ .

Around min 11 i started to Fxx her and ask her if  she enjoys having sex with me , and with whom she enjoys more with me or her husband ( te gusta mas conmigo o con tu esposo ) and off course you already know her answer , she also added that i am the only one that gives her that pleasure .

We both came so loud, and yes  i came inside her and we do not use condoms .

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