Loud moans from Lebanon

This 2 minutes audio was sent to us from Beirut Lebanon , The sender of this audio works in a 3 stars hotel as a room service .


Around 2 p.m i served this couple 2 club sandwiches they ordered , who opened the door and welcomed me in was the Male , the Female was in bed still with her cloths on ( blue jeans, black blouse , nude feet , her black heels were next to her on the floor ) both seems in there late 2os or early 30s , no wedding rings .

Around 3:30 p.m  u was passing by the corridor when i heard moans coming from there room , i couldn’t stay long but i was able to record around 2 mins of there loud sex . The hot part and for those who do not understand Arabic, the girl was telling her man that she misses getting fucXed and she was looking forward to this day .