Lebanese hot trio

All started when i was staying in a 5 starts hotel in Beirut Lebanon , on my way to the room i met a Lebanese couple in the elevator , it was a very hot day so the 3 of us agreed on that and we hoped the hotel air conditioning is working at its best , and the lady told her boyfriend or husband that they should change plans and go to the swimming pool instead and they both laughed , we both stopped at the same floor and after wishing each other a nice day the couple and my self went to our rooms .

The couple room was just 2 doors away from me , i did not notice any wedding rings so am not sure if they are dating or married , but all i can say they are a very hot, sexy, elegant and young couple . Few minutes passed and i decided to have small walk and check if the young couple started there private moment , so i heard the lady laughing loudly and at the same time some soft moans , kisses and what seems to be that they were having some oral sex. Since there room is next to mine i kept my door room open and just stood there so i don’t get caught by the hotel security cams .

While waiting for the real action to begin suddenly the elevator door open and a very hot young sexy girl come towards me , i acted that am leaving the room , the girl was stunning hot with a sport suit and she headed directly to the couple room! At this moment i realized it is my lucky day and that iam in the right place , right time to witness the hottest trio maybe in my entire life .



I was totally right these guys enjoyed every minute of there 3some , and so did I , I couldn’t control my self and stay just next to my room door but i took the risk and got closer to there door and recorded some of the action from my mobile .

Hope you enjoy this 3 some from Lebanon

Part 1



Part 2