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This story is sent from a husband that decided to share the story and audios of his cheating wife . The original story was sent in Spanish and most of it traduced by google .


My x-wife and i were married for 14 years we have  one kid ( 8 years ) we both are in our late 30s . We had a very peaceful life full of love , peace and off course as any married couple some arguments from time to time and most of it is financial issues . We both work , i work as sales man and she works as an accountant , due to my work i have to travel once or twice per month for 2 or 3 days .


6 years ago we moved to a new apartment , our first apartment since we used to live in a rented one , and thanks to her we were able to buy it after she got some loans from her work and parents .

our sexual life was not bad , a lot of routine sex but some times we had fantasies and cross dressing  . Fantasies about being with other men which really turned me on , and cross dressing ( me wearing her underwear’s ) which really turned her on , we also use a strap-on most of the time , yes she love doing me , actually this is her fetish .

So in General we used to have a stable life until we met our new neighbor , he is older than us in his late 40s married for over than 25 years with no kids , his financial life was stable and for sure better than us .

We live in country that is suffering huge economical crises , where it is hard to find things like electronics, cloths and sometimes even medicines , and here where it all started .

Our neighbor who usually calls my wife ( HIJA ) daughter in Spanish used to work in the black market where he made some good money specially in us$ , and since he have no kids he used to treat our son like his  own son , my wife goes to amazon site and do some shopping and our neighbor do the checkout and in this way he became close to my wife , he even helped her in buying some car parts over seas since in our country it was hard or too expensive to buy .

I didn’t mind there friend ship since the guy was helping her and helping us and even taking care of our son and i never imagined that anything wrong can happen between this old ugly guy and my hot sexy wife , and as mentioned before most of the time he calls her ( Mi Hija ) My daughter in English  , he is also friends with her 60+ old father .

It all started when one night we were having sex ( fantasy night ) and for no reason i mentioned him , i told her maybe this guy is crazy about you , maybe he imagine fucxx you and things got hotter and hotter and she even confessed that sometime he hit on her , but we were so horny and both came on this fantasy  , This senário happened several times .

One day we had a big fight , i left home for a week , and we were so close for a divorce , again financial issues , but we were able to pass it and came back . The first night i was so horny so i started slapping her and calling her naughty girl ext.. and started to ask how bad she was when i was gone , we started talking dirty and fuxx hard and she ask me to do her harder , so i told her to make me mad , to confess how bad she was ,  she said she was a naughty girl but she did not do anything bad , i asked her if she went to a motel with some one , at first she denied but after insisting and telling her this makes my horny she confessed that she was so mad from me and she went with someone to a motel but nothing happened , the guy was so stressed and nervous he couldn’t have a hard on , but she never told me who he was , she just told me an old friend who live in another city and happened to be here visiting his parents, they both went to a coffee and later things lead to a motel , but she insisted nothing happened between them even she tried to make him hard but did not work out.  We kept fantasizing about this story almost a month , asking her details and details and to be honest this turned me on specially after she confirmed that this will never happen again and the guy will never bother her again and she will cut all contact with him .

The next few months i started to notice a lot of changes , she always come with new heels, new cloths , most of the time she arrive 3 or 4 hours after she finish work and guess what ! most of the time she and our neighbor arrive together or with few minutes difference , also we started to fight a lot , our sex life  stayed normal, most of the time with the strap-on the thing she love the most .

I decided to investigate and check if there is anything going wrong , i bought her a new phone as her birthday gift and installed a spy app that let me track and monitor her calls,GPS, whatsapps , sms ext..

I know that alot of men flirt with my wife and i know she usually go with the flow because she love to be admired specially at this age most women love to hear or know that men are chasing them . So her messages and phone calls where somehow normal , some flirting but nothing serious , even with our neighbor , daily morning messages from him , some messages saying she look beautiful , other messages asking to have a coffee with her or see her or messages talking about things he will buy her on amazon , but so far nothing made me worry since all of this is just flirting and to be honest i also love this part and turns me on . 

But things again started to go bad between us , and again i leave home and this time i got a 3 month work offer in another country and here where the things start to change , but since i was traveling  i tried to calm things down well i though i did .

The first 2 weeks am out of the country things were some how normal between us , we only talked when i call to checkup on my son , on her phone also things were normal with the same flirting specially with our neighbor .

One day she asked our neighbor if  he can send an amazon gift card for 500$ and she will give him the amount in our local currency and off course he did not say NO , few hours later the gift card was already in her account and he told her to consider it as a gift from him , she then purchased some heels via amazon , then few weeks later they arrived and guess who went to the mail office to get them for her ! yes our neighbor .


All this time they were talking everyday via whats app , and i was reading all the conversations even listening to there phone calls , nothing unusual but it was obvious that something will happen between them anytime again ! why again ? because i discovered that  the guy she went with to a motel few months ago and he did not have a hard on was our neighbor ! So there chit chat and flirting was turning me on some how specially i was relaxed and thought that things wont work between them because this old guy have difficulties in bed specially with a much younger woman than he is .

So one day he called her and tell her the package from amazon is with him and he want to see her after work so he give her the things , and they agreed to meet some where . And here where all the story change and my wife will officially have a lover who fxxx her in several occasion .

This Audio is 1/3 audios i have , the first one in the car and the other 2 in motels , only 3 because after the third one i lost my control , called her and confessed about the spy app on her device and faced her in all the things i know , and few months later we got the divorce .

 Audio 1 : In The Car .

After she got out from work she called him , and they agreed where to meet , when she arrive she parks her car some where behind a super market  parking ( according to her device GPS ) and went into his car , he gave her the packages and she seemed so happy she even tries her new heels or tennis shoes in front of him , they started to talk about marriage and relation ships and he start to tell her how beautiful she is and how bad he wants her , he also told her that his emotions towards her are so honest and true and he is ready to get a divorce  and marry her even have kids with her , and all of this was while i was listening threw her mobile ( ambient listening feature ) , he started to kiss her but she tried to stop him , but he insisted and kept touching and kissing her while in  her horny voice she asks him to stop , at this point i knew the worst will happen , i was both horny and jealous , my heart was coming out of my body  ,  and i was sweating like a pig ! few seconds later i started to hear her moans and then it seems he jumped above her and starts to fxxx my wife ! and the car seat sound was so clear that he was pounding her  and the worst part  is he even came inside her ( my wife had a surgery  so she wont get pregnant any more ) after they finished they stayed some how naked talking , until some police came towards them where you can notice from the audio how afraid she get , the neighbor fix the situation and talk to the officer and things get back to normal , at this time she went back to her car , then he followed her to make her relax , they both laughed and said that this was crazy and they both leave .

You can not imagine how i felt after that , till this day i get horny on this audio and masturbate on it but deep inside i feel jealous and bad , and after this day ( car sex ) all my life changed and now we are both having our own life , she already got a boy friend , the neighbor and my x wife story is over ( i think so ) after i sent all the audios to the neighbor wife  and a scandal took place in our building which led for my x-wife to find another apartment and also black mailed  and alot of problems with the neighbor wife till now !


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I have edited this audio so only you enjoy the part you came here for ( moans )