Aunt and hubby

I was staying at my aunt house for few days since i live in another city , that night we were invited to a family wedding , my aunt is around 45 and her hubby around 50 , they are both good looking , that night my aunt had a long black dress , black pantyhose and red heels , we arrived home around 3am , we were all almost drunk , i fell directly asleep ,  then i woke up to pee and i was shocked to hear her moaning ! actually i didn’t imagine they have sex ! the door was closed so i couldn’t see , but i only heard her moans , and for those who doesn’t understand Spanish she was telling him : Cum inside my pussy , we fuck like dogs , come on my love i love you …. yeah this was pretty hot , it was a nice experience to hear my own aunt having sex .

Am sorry the audio is only about 2 mins long , but when i caught them having sex they were at the end  but at least i heard some of it .