Sexy Lebanese voice note

This 2 whatsapp files were sent from Lebanon , a girl friend sent 2 voice notes to her boyfriend telling him how she wants him to fxxk her , the audios are in english with some arabic expression  , the files were sent with very few information but it is worth posting them , there is no moans in these audios just some dirty talking .

Update : One Lebanese fans who heard the audios gave us more tips about these files . In the second audio file where she first speak in arabic she was telling the guy to masturbate before fucxxx her because she will not get enough , also it seems she is a cheating wife since she tells the guy some where in the second audio that she just had sex yesterday night but that was not enough for her , she needs more , she needs rough sex .

hope you enjoy this hot and horny voice from Lebanon .
 Audio 1 :


Audio 2 :