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This audio was sent to us from a happy and lucky boyfriend who is dating a sexy and hot air host .

He also sent some hot pictures that he was generous to share with us , and here what he said :

We have been dating for more than 5 years , i first met her when we both worked at a local airport , she is a flight attendant and i was a customer junior agent for a local airline . We are still together but our relation is more serious now and we hope soon we will be husband and wife .

The audio attached was taken few days ago , after i picked her from the airport we went to the nearest motel , its  been 8 days since we last made love , i know she was tiered after a 6 hours flight but to be honest i love it when she arrive after long trips , her uniform and smelly pantyhose turns me on , i even do not wait or give her a chance to take a bath , i just throw her on  bed , take off her uniform , sniff her feet and pantyhose and do her so hard .

This day i took couple of pictures of her and you can notice we were getting ready to make love , i also sent pictures of her during her flights , she know am turned on by her feet and stockings so she always send me pictures inside the plane and during her flights .

The night i recorded the Audio and as i mentioned she was arriving from a 6 hours flight , after we arrived i started taking off her uniform and i took some hot pictures of her , after that i put her on the bed with her legs ( still in her stocking ) wide open and started to fxxx her , i did not last so long since i was so excited specially that it have been few days since we last did it , all the time my phone was recording without her knowledge but unfortunately later i found out that the battery died and only a small part was recorded .

We are both from Venezuela , Caracas . hope you like and when i have another opportunity i will share more files with you .

Pictures :

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