| P+ A | Cheating in a Hotel

This audio was sent from a fan who cought some action around midday  in a hotel some where in Mexico .

While he was staying for a couple of days in a hotel on a business trip and while having coffee next to the hotel lobby  a couple checked in , from the first minute they entered the hotel the lady was trying to hide her face and the man with her also was trying to finish the check in as fast as he can , he also noticed the lady is wearing  wedding ring  . As soon they got the room keys he followed them and recorded a long hot session of moans , the lady was so hot and all the time was asking for more and more .

When leaving the hotel he watched them from his room balcony , they came with separate cars but they stayed around 3 minutes hugging and kissing before the lady leave in her car then the guy follow .

Some pictures were taken from the balcony showing the couple inside the parking hugging and kissing , you can also notice how the cheating wife was trying to hide her face when some people pass by .

hope you enjoy !



Photos taken from room balcony :