| V + A | Just married

| V + A | Just married in white stockings

This Audio was sent from Chile and here is the story behind this hot audio :


I work in a well known hotel and i consider my self lucky since i have the opportunity to spy anytime and on any one i put my eyes on , i have a lot of files that i would share here at moanhub and here is one .

We hosted the wedding of a well known business man daughter , the party stayed till 5 or 6 a.m i worked double shifts just to stay and have the chance to follow them and listen to there first night as a husband and wife , and yes i was able to accomplish what i aimed for .

After they arrived to there room, they spent over 20 mins trying to take off her wedding dress and to take of her hair extension , i tried my best to have a look from the key hole but all i can see was the bed edge where the bride was sitting almost naked and only in her wedding white stockings , the groom also was only in his boxer .

He got a champagne bottle and both started drinking directly from the bottle and then he started kissing the bride and moved to an angle that i can not see threw the key hole and all what was left for me is just listening to there moans .

The first round was some how fast , they took a bath after it  and went to bed , round 2 and 3 happened the next day and i also caught them and will post them soon here @moanhub .

Hope you enjoy this audio , i took a small video from the wedding party to have a look on the bride before she went to her room and get f** .




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