| P + A | Parents anniversary

| P + A | Parents having sex on there anniversary

This audio is sent from Australia from a naughty son who spied on his parents on there 20th anniversary .

My parents were celebrating there 50th anniversary , both my mom and dad are so in love with each other and off course they are sexually active , i spied on them in several occasions i even  installed a small WIFI spy cam in there room and watched one of there hot nights live from my room, the video quality was not that good specially that they turn off the lights , so what i saw was just some shadows , so i prefer using an audio recorder instead .

On there 20th anniversary i left a hidden spy recorder  above there bed.That night they went out to have a romantic dinner so i crossed my fingers so they don’t stop and celebrate there night in one of the local hotels, so to make sure they come back home i decided to stay at my friends home and keep them with there privacy at home , and off course with my spy recorder .

A day before there anniversary my mom went out shopping , when she came back home i noticed she have some bags of a known lingerie store over here , later that day i went to her room for curiosity to see what was inside these bags and i found a sexy lingerie inside her underwear drawer which i assume she used it on there wedding anniversary  ( picture attached ) .

I placed the spy pen above there bed to capture a good quality audio , specially that my mom is not a screamer , the next day when i arrived home the first thing i did was to get back my pen and see how lucky i was .

My parents are in there 50s both are good looking and take care of there looks and also take care of each other , we 3 brothers and 1 sister , i am the only one still living with my parents and so far i am enjoying my stay .

Hope you enjoy these moans , more of my parents will be published soon.



Images :

Mother : http://hddbunker.com/image/uGkX

Lingerie found inside her drawer : http://hddbunker.com/image/um5H

Spy pen recorder :