New year hotel moans

This audio was sent from Miami beach and here is the story :


We were celebrating new years eve at Miami beach with my parents  , we were staying at Seagull Hotel though it is not an elegant super 5 stars hotel but i love its location and its room corridors which make it so easy to catch moans and to spy without getting spotted , i also noticed all the corridor security cams are fake , only the one in-front of the elevator is real .

We arrived at the hotel around 3 a.m , while walking to our rooms , my mom , dad and 2 sisters passed in-front of this room and we all heard them fu** off-course we all acted like nothing is going on but i noticed the smile on my sisters face , after all went to our rooms ( separate rooms ) i went back to that door where the moans came out from , and it was a perfect spot where i enjoyed listening, recording and also jerk*** ..

The couple were talking Spanish , from there accent either Cuban or Venezuelan , the woman was talking dirty all the time , at min 0:26 she asks him to put it inside her , she even tells him to put his balls inside her at  0:30 , at 00:40 she keeps begging him to go inside her , i imagine he was doing some oral , at 2:20 she start telling him to fuc** her good and to go faster and harder , at 5:00 she tells him how much pleasure she is having , then she asks him if he is enjoying doing her ,



at 6:16 she tells him ( my love please hold on , i can not handle this anymore , please hold on i might cum ) , you will notice her screaming even louder then she tells him yes , yes like this , i adore when you f***  me , around 8:20/8:25 they both cum , then they have some chit chat and i go back to my room . Unfortunately the next day i woke up late and couldn’t see them any where inside the hotel .


Hope you enjoy this  Latin moans .