| P+ A | Famous lawyer 3some

This Audio was sent to me without giving any information about the location , since it features a famous lawyer  and his wife .It all started when they checked in to a motel miles away from there home , our fan who spied on them sent us this story :


I work in a motel few hours away from my home town , one day a couple checked in  ( The motel i work at is a drive in motel, that means guests can check in directly from there vehicle without getting out of it , the front desk  is  private area as well where guests can not see what is inside or who is attending them, also guests can go directly to there room with there car, a total privacy )

To have an idea about what am talking about check this :

Front desk : http://hddbunker.com/image/dsc-0200.uxsE

Rooms : http://hddbunker.com/image/rooms.uSVg

So it was a normal day until a black SUV arrived, when the driver window goes down i immediately recognized his face   , he is a very known and respectful lawyer , next to him was his wife also a very know and respectful social lady. At first i thought the couple are checking in to have some privacy away from home or to get out of there daily sex life routine . After i asked there ids to complete the check-in procedure  i also have to check and see if there is any under age inside the car , so i asked him politely to lower the rear window , he tried to avoid doing it in a polite way but rules are rules , the motel can loose the license if something went wrong or an accident happen and off course he know that !

I  got surprised when  i saw a third person at the rear  seat , a very young and good looking guy , and immediately i imagined  what they are up to , so i gave them one of my best rooms to spy at ,  it is located in a blind spot where  the security cameras  cant cover and the garage door does not shut down completely  .

I waited for few minutes after that i  told my colleague that am not feeling well and i have a very bad headache and i will go have some rest inside my car for the rest of my shift and promised him that i will work extra hours for him later , i was sure that it was worth it .

I stayed about an hour checking on there room but nothing , only chit chat and laughs , until finally the action started , from a tiny hole under the door handle i was able to have a fair view of the bed , i will breifly describe what i saw and what happened .

  • The lawyer most of the time was wearing his cloths and sitting on the couch watching until the very end when he joined them
  • The lawyer was taking pictures of his wife and her lover
  • Most of the time the wife was on her back with her legs wide open, with some doggy style position
  • The boyfriend did a lot of oral to the wife , before and during sex
  • The wife sucked the boyfriend for almost 8 mins
  • The boyfriend came on the wife belly
  • The lawyer made love to his wife after her boyfriend was done

Unfortunately i was able to record just some of the action , my phone was battery low , and my colleague couldn’t stop calling  to get back to the front desk since he need some help .

The 3 of them stayed around 4 hours , for sure they did several sessiona , i was lucky only to spy on 1 .


I also attached some pictures taken from the lawyer social media account hope you enjoy :


Images from Facebook :