Couple from Paris hotel

I was traveling to the Middle East from South America with a 4 hours stop at Paris ( Charles de Gaulle Airport ) , in the same flight was a young couple traveling the same destination and both of us are catching the same flight from Paris to Dubai . I met this couple while we were still at the gate waiting to board the flight .

When we arrived to Paris we were informed that our connection flight was canceled due to some technical issues , and we have to wait for the next day to board another flight and off course we were offered a hotel to stay , so we were taken to a near by hotel where  the couple and other 6 or 9 passengers including me will stay the night .

The couple were young and hot , i thought after a 9 hours flight they will just sleep and get ready for the early flight the next day , but when i went to check there room just for curiosity i got lucky and recorded a long session of clear and hot moans . Hope you enjoy it like i did .

Part 1


Part 2


Part 3