60+ years old active couple

This grannies were spotted in a motel some where in Uruguay  , they arrived to the motel around 12:00 pm and the sender of this audio never imagined they will have sex , he just thought they are some travelers who needs some rest or want to stay a night and can’t offer any expensive hotel ,but he waited some time and for his curiosity he decided to pass by there door room and check what they are up to , But he was completely shocked when he heard some moans going out from that room !  then he waited untill they left to make sure that in that room was real some old couple , and yes he confirms that the couple is around 60’s ,and they really have some active sex life ,  grandma have really some hot moans and she also talks dirty ,  maybe they are not having any privacy at home where there grand children is always fooling around so they escaped to have some privacy !


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