| P + A | Resort Couple

This audio was sent from one of our fans who was visiting Cancun , and here is the story :


My wife and i were visiting Cancun and staying in this Luxury resort ,one night i was attending a beach party , my wife was tired so she left early and went back to our room to have some rest , while i stayed for a couple of drinks . I  was enjoying my time talking with some people , dancing and singing and even making friends with some Ukrainian tourists . After midnight i decided it was time to go back to the wifey  , it was around 10 mins walk till i reach our building, on my way there was this couple walking in front of me kissing and hugging  , he was wearing a white short and while t-shirt while she was wearing a while Ankle lenght beach dress, the were normal looking with a latin  look, both were in there mid or late 30s , and both were some how fat but i can admit she had a sexy fat ass .

I walked behind them until they reached there block where there room was located, and it was 2 blocks before our room , so i followed them to see if i have some luck and catch them doing something since both of them were acting horny and kissing all the way to there room .

I stayed few minutes walking and trying to clear the area and see if there is any movements or even the security  camera locations , and finally i was able to catch this 4 mins of hot moans .

The next day i spotted the couple next one of the resort pool , i took a couple of pics so you can have an idea how the couple look , but i will only post the pics of the lady since her man was sitting next to some children which will be difficult to hide all there faces , and i couldn’t walk closer to take a better pic .

Hope you enjoy these moans from Cancun .

Couple of pictures to the lady who i spied on a night before :