| P+ A | Boss & his married secretary

This Audio was sent from  a big fan who works in  cosmetics factory some where in Spain  and here goes the story behind this file .

I work at this company for 5 years , am a childhood friend for the company founder who is married with 3 children , His secretary for 3 years also married with 1 kid .

I always noticed that there is something going on between them , they stay late , they go out together , some times have lunch together and also couple of times i saw them together on weekends some where in the city , and to make things more clear they even traveled together several times on business trips , yes business trips to locations where we do not have any business interest in !

One day my boss told me he will stay a bit longer in the office so i imagined that his secretary will stay as well , so i came with the idea to leave my usb recorder pen on his office desk and see if am lucky enough to catch some action , and bingo ! the next day i picked up the USB PEN RECORDER and found  this 7 mins of office sex between my married boss and his cheating married secretary  .

It seems first they did it on the desk ( some movements heard with the spy usb pen ) i  imagine him standing with her wide legs open and then they moved to the office chair .

Hope you enjoy this audio




Some pictures of the cheating secretary taken from her personal phone .