Mature wife cheating with young guy in a motel

This audio was sent from one of our fans in Venezuela and here is the story behind it :

Am  a truck driver i arrived to this motel around 6:00 pm and there was a couple in front of me doing there check-in , what took my attention is the couple age difference, the lady was in her late 40s while the guy with her in his early 20s , also the lady wedding ring and she paying the bill confirmed to me that this lady is cheating on her husband with this young man .

After  i saw there room number i waited for few minutes then passed by there room and got lucky and recorded around 10 mins of hot sex and clear sound . The audio is in Spanish but most of the time she was telling him she can not handle his coxx any more .

They stayed for less than an hour then they left.

Hope you enjoy this file from Venezuela .