| P + A |Patricia cheating on husband

This is the story of Patricia and how i caught her cheating on her hubby .


First of all me and Patricia worked together in an events organizer company few years ago , we worked together almost 8 years and i became close friends with her and later i became friends with her husband who also works with us .

Some Facts about Patricia :

  • She is in her late 40s
  • Married for 15 years with 2 children
  • She is blond, chubby and her tits are operated (*) (*)
  • Patricia her husband and I were Managers at the company
  • Patricia and her husband still works at the company till now ( i left ) * year 2018 *
  • Patricia is hot and am sure this was not the first time she cheats


The night i caught her cheating we were at an event organized by our company , the event was taking place next to a Hotel where most of us were staying at . before the event and during the event i noticed Patrica  flirting with one of the artists , around 11 pm i can not see Patricia any where i even asked her husband who also have no idea where she was and he was so busy organizing so  he did not give much attention .

I decided to go and check if she went back to the hotel , when i came close to her room i felt that there is some movement inside  and yes i heard some moans coming out , i got so excited at the same time so mad since the hotel corridor was so busy and security cams all around , but i was able to record some of the action , they were almost done so the audio is a bit short and since i was not so comfortable spying the quality is not so good as well but we can hear some of the sexy moans while Patricia was enjoying being naughty while her husband was few meters away on the same bed where he will sleep later on .


I was curious to know with whom she was , so i waited in a hidden spot next to the lobby , and yes she was with the same artist whom she was flirting with .

Later that night after we are done from the event , i checked on Patricia and her hubby to see if i can get lucky but it seems both were super tired and went to sleep . I guess both worked hard that night.




Some pictures of Patricia taken from her Facebook account .